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Julie OonaJulie Oona

Julie Oona, with her paradigm-shattering approach to music video direction, has left an indelible mark on the industry. Bursting onto the scene in the late 90s, Oona strolled into a genre dominated by conventional storytelling and turned it on its head. One cannot forget her groundbreaking video for Radiohead's "Karma Police", where she deftly riffed on the theme of a man continually chased by a malevolent car, creating a claustrophobic yet riveting narrative that perfectly complimented the band’s innovative soundscapes.

Oona’s work features a characteristic emphasis on innovative visuals that, at once, compliment a song while giving it a fresh perspective. Case in point is the BTS hit "Blood Sweat & Tears," where she beautifully incorporated elements of visual arts to create a striking, surreal spectacle. Meanwhile, her work with Katy Perry on "Roar" saw her harnessing the power of digital effects to recreate a lush, vibrant, and whimsically dangerous jungle full of entrancing fauna. There's also an amusing tale that during this shoot, despite the use of special effects, Oona insisted on real, live butterflies be flown in for added authenticity - only to discover they gravitated more towards the set's fake flowers than the real ones.

Over the years, Oona's name has become synonymous with videos that challenge the status quo, albeit with a hint of quirkiness, daring the viewer to see music, not just as auditory but as a full sensory spectacle. She’s not merely a video director; she is an audacious visual poet, pushing the medium from being a promotional tool to an art form in its own right.

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