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Julia VickermanJulia Vickerman

Julia Vickerman is a noteworthy name in the realm of animation. With an artistic prowess that charms, she successfully carved a niche in the industry, especially as the creative mind behind the Netflix animated series, "Twelve Forever". While she might not have directed traditional music videos, the way she deftly integrates music into her animation work has a potent similarity. This inimitable approach draws viewers into her world, turning the soundtrack into another character that adds an extra layer of allure to her animations.

Let's take a detour off-the-beaten path and delve into an amusing fact about Vickerman. Did you know she proudly admits to being a major fan of boy bands? This fixation even managed to seep into her work, with the episode "Notorious N.O.T" from her series 'Twelve Forever', centering around a boyband obsession, mirroring her own unabashed love for this genre of music. So, if you've ever found yourself belting out a Backstreet Boys song at the top of your lungs, just remember: you're in fine company with Julia Vickerman.

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