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Jul & MatJul & Mat

Jul & Mat is a duo that has transformed the music video landscape with their unique approach to visual storytelling. Consisting of French directors Julien Choquart and Mathieu Bernat, the pair jump-started their career in 2008 with a standout video for the electropop band Metronomy's "A Thing For Me". Comic, eccentric, and perfectly synced with the music, it showcased their knack for creating narratives that are as unpredictable as they are captivating. Add to that their video for Sebastien Tellier's "Cochon Ville"— a provocative piece which garnered both awe and criticism for its risqué interpretation of liberation, and it's clear that Jul & Mat have never been ones to shy away from pushing boundaries.

Their style is teeming with tongue-in-cheek humor which is absolutely refreshing amidst the saturated market of intellectually heavy video concepts. For instance, in the video for Clara Luciani's "La Baie", they transform an innocent beach picnic into an otherworldly gathering filled with kaleidoscope-eyed guests. There’s really something about how Jul & Mat sprinkle a little absurdity into their projects. To couple this with a meticulous eye for blending aesthetics and sound is what really sets them apart. Their pioneering spirit has certainly made an indelible mark, and continues to shape the industry’s embrace for the quirky, the daring, and the exceptional.

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