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Joseph MountJoseph Mount

With scopes as multifaceted as a kaleidoscope, Joseph Mount has carved a unique niche as a very creative music video director, musician, and songwriter. Whether he's working under the banner of his Grammy-nominated music project, Metronomy, or directing music videos, Mount brings a refreshing, unconventional vision to the world of music and cinematography. The music video for "Love Letters", opens with a 360-degree view of the band performing in a vibrantly painted, faux theater—a delightful pastiche of 60s psychedelia with a modern twist that only Mount could envision.

Inconsistent with his profound eclectic musical talent, Mount is a self-confessed mediocre dancer. Yet, his direction of Metronomy's "A Thing For Me" music video, which plays with this reality by featuring clever head swapping choreography, displays his ability to turn a potential vulnerability into a lighthearted, visually appealing piece of work. Another standout video is for Robyn's "Hang With Me," which combines tour footage for a raw and intimate backdrop, showing Mount's knack for capturing the essence of a song beyond flashy aesthetics. His videos seep with a sense of authenticity, free-wheeling spirit and a quirky charm–attributes that significantly distinguish him in the industry, and make his contribution both impactful and enjoyable.

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