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Jonathan BarréJonathan Barré

Jonathan Barré, the man who turned the ordinary into kaleidoscopes of colors and madness. The French-born director, cinematographer, and screenwriter is arguably one of the most imaginative forces in the music video industry today. His unparalleled inventiveness and unique sense of style have contributed to reshaping the visual landscape of contemporary music.

Barré has helmed an impressive number of memorable videos for big-name artists, turning them into entertaining visual narratives. These include Mika’s “Lollipop,” Stromae’s “Tous Les Memes,” and Christine and the Queens’ “Je Disparais Dans Tes Bras.” His work presents an intoxicating mix of comedy, surrealism, and opulent aesthetics. Akin to a visual maestro conducting an orchestra of eccentricities, Barré designs every frame with charm and vivacity.

The Michel Gondry of music videos, Barré turns any mundane aspect into a whimsical feature - take, for example, his video for Bigflo & Oli’s “Dommage.” An otherwise regular story of unspoken love and missed opportunities is transformed into a quirky, fast-paced spectacle entirely shot in reverse. Such brilliance also extends to his prolific work with French comedy group Golden Moustache, where his visual trickery has turned outlandish ideas into comedic masterpieces. Barré is no doubt a visionary - a “crazy scientist” of cinematography who makes the impossible possible.

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