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Joey FrankJoey Frank

Joey Frank’s name might not be immediately recognizable, but some of the music videos he directed have certainly left a lasting impression in music lovers' minds. Mainly working behind the scenes, he put his unique touch on many high-profile videos, demonstrating a knack for fusing sound and visuals in a way that pulls viewers into a visceral and engaging musical experience. Among his distinctive works, a notable standout is Parquet Courts’ “Bodies Made Of”, characterized by its surreal mashup of live-action and animation - creating a psychedelic journey that perfectly mirrors the raw energy of the band.

Interestingly, he tends to inject his penchant for the absurd and eclectic into his work to create a unique viewing experience. Take for example, The Men's "L.A.D.O.C.H" video, which features a man's obsessive relationship with a mechanical doll horse. Or Zachary Cole Smith's ethereal solitaire match against himself in DIIV’s “Mire (Grant’s Song)” video. Every Joey Frank-directed video is an event, an experience that gets etched in the memory of anyone who sees it. Through his bizarre and consistently intriguing visual stories, Frank has managed to leave an indelible mark on the world of music video production.

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