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Jocelyn AnquetilJocelyn Anquetil

Jocelyn Anquetil is truly an enigma in the music industry. Rising from relative obscurity, this Anglo-French director exploded into the scene with his striking visual style and over the top scenarios, which breathed fresh life into modern music videos. He has worked alongside such talented musicians like King Krule, for whom he directed the sensational "Half Man Half Shark" and "Biscuit Town". His work on these videos can be described as a fascinating mix of gritty realities meeting head on with surreal dreams, a combination that truly makes his work stand out in the crowd.

What sets Anquetil's directorial style apart is the unexpected details he brings to each video. It was he who decided that the heart in Krule's "Dum Surfer" video should not only beat, but lurch and pulse in time with the music. A detail perhaps missed by the casual viewer, but would cause a double take once noticed. He is credited with being an integral part behind the innovative use of VFX technology in music videos. Anquetil's unique style has had an immense impact on the music video industry, and he has undoubtedly set new trends for future artists and directors to follow. His work serves as an example of how music videos can be more than just promotional tools, but also serves as an artistic expression.

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