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Jimmy TurrellJimmy Turrell

In the world of music videos, Jimmy Turrell is undeniably a transformative influence in the industry. His iconic fusion of pop culture, typography, and bold color palettes creates one-of-a-kind, unmissable spectacles. He rose to prominence after his work in Beck's 2017 album, "Colors," where his comprehensive creative direction—spanning album packaging, lyric videos, and artwork—earned him a Grammy nomination. The highlight was perhaps the "Fix Me" music video, incorporating vibrant visuals, an idyllic Japanese city, and the cuteness of Instagram sensation Mame and her poodles. One could not resist but pause and admire the innovative mix of patterns, color, and quirkiness.

Turrell wears many hats, from fine artist to graphic designer, illustrator to director, all of which he utilizes to command a unique space within the realm of visual media. Besides his work with Beck, he has done diverse projects with big names like Nike, Adidas, and Carhartt. He's also responsible for some legendary album cover designs, including Steve Aoki's 'Kolony'. Now, here's an amusing little nugget: Turrell once confessed that his ideas including the vintage aesthetic could well be attributed to him falling into a skip full of books, and that was way before recycling became a trend! His unintentional undergraduate adventure went on to shape his eclectic style, leading to his individualistic mark on the industry. Truly, Turrell’s work is like an unpredictable visual journey, where viewers are always left anticipating what they’ll encounter next.

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