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Jesse Miller-GordonJesse Miller-Gordon

Jesse Miller-Gordon holds an irreplaceable spot in the world of music video directing, known best for fashioning pictorial magic that captures the essence of music and amplifies it onto a visual stage. His charm lies in cleverly uniting the worlds of music and cinematography, making him a coveted figure in the film industry. His name is forever immortalised with his work on the music video for 'Black and White' by The Strypes, a creation throbbing with raw energy and pulsating beats, conveying the band's spirit in an innovative, visual smorgasbord.

Going beyond the music, Jesse unleashes an element of surprise in his videos that make the audience sit straighter. When he collaborated with Azealia Banks on "1991" music video, he turned a simple song into a time-travel journey, making us tip our hats to the '90s aesthetic. Interestingly, this nostalgic video was actually inspired by an old Godzilla poster Jesse had in his room and was not a part of the original plan. This spontaneous sprinkle of inspiration perfectly represents Miller-Gordon's unconventional style. His videos like "Oblivion" for Grimes and "Genesis" for Odd Future leave indelible marks on viewers, merging visual and audio in a seamless duet. A Jesse Miller-Gordon video can thus be seen as an exploration of music, images and most importantly, serendipity.

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