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Jesse CordtzJesse Cordtz

Jesse Cordtz, the heavyweight of music video industry, certainly made a remarkable impact, particularly with his unique penchant for narrating stories through his videos. Numerous artists have had the good fortune of working with him, adding a high artistic value to their music. Aside from his distinct narrative style, Cordtz is renowned for shooting music videos in a cinematic 16mm format, a move that gives a uniquely filmic and artistic touch to his works. What's admirably peculiar is that Cordtz carries a toolbox packed with relics, which he believes bring good luck during his shoots.

Cordtz's video for Ariana Grande's "One Last Time" is one such narrative masterpiece in his repertoire, describing a chaotic, apocalyptic world with such beauty and intrigue. Similarly, his attempt to depict the mental struggles faced by Lil Xan in the video “Betrayed,” pushes the envelope, as he beautifully merges surrealism with real-world scenarios. Don't forget about the eerie zombie apocalypse Cordtz created in Of Monsters And Men's "Alligator" video, another demonstration of his unique narrative style. To sum it up, Cordtz has undoubtedly brought a new level of artistry into the music video industry, that other directors aspire to meet.

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