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Jérôme de GerlacheJérôme de Gerlache

Jérôme de Gerlache, a native of Belgium, certainly brought his European sensibilities to the music video industry, pushing the boundaries in inventive and original ways. He’s the versatile mind behind many creative gems, from the psychedelic journey of "You Are the One" by A Place to Bury Strangers to the darkly enchanting narrative of "Heart Out" by The 1975.

What sets de Gerlache apart is his ability to create a unique visual universe for each song, blending surreal visuals with authentic human emotion. His work on Lola Marsh's "Wishing Girl" stands as a testament to his inventiveness, transforming an ordinary performance video into a vibrant world of flowing waves and floating chairs. An interesting nugget - Jerome once shared in an interview that he enjoys shooting most of his videos in and around old, dilapidated houses. He finds them full of character, mystery, and an undefinable energy. Such fascinating insights make the magic of his videos even more compelling!

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