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Jérémie RozanJérémie Rozan

Jérémie Rozan, co-founder of Surface to Air studio, has been a significant force within the intersection of fashion, art, and music. Widely sought-after for his unique style and vision, Rozan's directorial eye has coined unforgettable music videos, aligning the craft of music video production closer to the realm of high art. His finesse is best exemplified in his work with Justice, an electronic music duo from his home country - France. Creating an epic narrative visual parcours for their hit, "Love S.O.S.," Rozan's work deftly complements the music's evolving intensity.

Notable for his creative freedom, Rozan has also lent his captivating aesthetic to other popular performers. His music videos are so mesmerizing that one might find themselves flipping through the channels late at night, only to be caught in a Rozan-induced trance. For instance, his seamless blending of bright neon hues and swift transitions in Kid Cudi's 'Day n' nite' look like a fantastic dream, echoing the artist's melancholic lyrics. Then there's his complete tonal shift when he worked with Chromeo on their 'Don't Turn The Lights On' video. Here, Rozan painted the pop-funk duo's narrative with muted tones and delightful puppet transformations. An interesting anecdote about this versatile director - despite his impressive body of work and in demand profession, Rozan has expressed that creating T-shirt graphics is still one of his favorite endeavors. Who knew designing tees would remain a cherished hobby for someone renowned in other more glamorous fronts!

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