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Jennifer Juniper StratfordJennifer Juniper Stratford

Jennifer Juniper Stratford is a maverick of the music video industry, a visionary who uses retro analog film effects not as mere crutches of nostalgia, but as unique components of her visual grammar. Chucking pristine digital aesthetics out the window, her videos plunge viewers into fantastical otherworlds where even the most typical pop song can feel like an alien transmission. When she's not piecing together music videos for bands like Future Islands, Daft Punk and John Maus, she runs the production company Telefantasy Studios, itself a resurrection of forgotten analog technology and techniques.

Never one to settle for the ordinary, Stratford often uses vintage television equipment to create an eccentric visual style that is entirely her own. Straddling the practicalities of low-fi and analogue aesthetics with a playful defiance, she crafts a visual soundscape that is both riveting and unexpected. A perfect example is when she convinced John Maus to don an old-school diving suit and goggles for the video for "Believer", only for him to end up singing the number in an echo-y stage that could easily be a remnant from an 80s sci-fi film set. That's just a snapshot of Stratford's audacious body of work that consistently thrills, surprises, and most importantly, captivates the music video industry.

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