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Irina DakevaIrina Dakeva

Irina Dakeva, a Bulgarian-born French visual artist, is no ordinary figure in the realm of music videos. Having rose to prominence in the late 2000s, she quickly distinguished herself with her innovative, visually striking work. Dakeva's magic lies in her unique blend of diverse mediums such as animation, graphic design and painting, bringing notoriously eclectic aesthetics to her visuals. Among her most notable work, who could forget the visually stunning 'Remedy' by Little Boots or the dynamic stop-motion and watercolor wizardry in Breakbot's 'Baby I'm Yours'.

Dakeva's techniques are laborious, often involving creating tens of thousands of individual paintings, frames, and sketches - all hand done. This might sound a bit insane, but coming from a woman who spent six months simply to paint every single frame of 'Baby I'm Yours' - a staggering 2000 watercolors in total - it seems oddly normal. The video's gorgeous artwork and psychedelic vibes paired with Breakbot's catchy retro tune were a success, racking up more than 48 million views on YouTube alone. Dakeva's distinctive style has not only cemented her status as a reputable music video creator, but also chiseled her name in the bastion of visual artistry. Her work, above all, exudes vibrancy, splashes of color, and a clear love for experimentation! One trivia, Dakeva is rumored to paint with both hands, an ambidexterity that perhaps explains her prodigious output. Whether it's true or just folk tale, it's just another intriguing chapter in the story of one of the most exciting artists in the music video realm.

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