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Hayley AkinsHayley Akins

Hayley Akins is actually a 'she' and with that slight misconception cleared, we dive into her remarkable dint in the creative industry. An accomplished animator and motion designer, Akins' work is often marked by its distinct aesthetic appeal and careful blend of storytelling mechanisms. Compared to many in her line of work, she stands distinguished by her meticulous attention to detail and an uncanny knack for drawing viewers into the narrative fabric of her creations.

Akins has also set an enduring legacy in the industry through her laudably proactive role in uplifting fellow creatives. She launched Motion Hatch, a resource platform that extends beyond sharing skills and techniques. It pays unwavering attention to the business aspects of running a creative endeavor, stressing on aspects often overlooked, such as contracts, negotiation tactics, and pricing. Furthermore, Akins breathed life into the 'Motion Hatch Podcast,' a novel initiative focusing on the non-creative spheres of the creative industry. A funny yet pertinent fact? Despite working on numerous inspiring projects, Hayley still harbors a strong admiration for the '80s Care Bears cartoon, an amusing reminder that our sources of inspiration can often emerge from the most unexpected corners.

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