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Greg BrunkallaGreg Brunkalla

Greg Brunkalla, a prominent figure in the music video industry, has amassed an impressive body of work that has managed to consistently blur the lines between art and entertainment. Known for his eclectic style and the cinematic quality of his videos, Brunkalla has left an indelible mark on the industry. His breakout video for The Strokes' "Taken For A Fool," remains an enduring highlight in his career, applauded for its innovatively crafted split-screen aesthetic.

One particular achievement of Brunkalla's that slipped under the mainstream radar was his directorial hand in the cult classic "Late Night with Cry Baby," a slice of pop culture that managed to marry the eccentric worlds of internet animation and synthwave music. The mesmerizing yet offbeat video boasted a nod to the 80s retro aesthetic, imbued with Brunkalla's visionary style. One lesser-known trivia is his unique choice of warming up before each shoot - he supposedly practices Yoga. That said, Greg Brunkalla's body of work is not just about shaking the audience with frenzied visuals; it is about making them part of a revolutionary and constantly evolving artistic experience. This genius of a director has indeed skillfully etched his name into the annals of music video history.

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