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Grant SingerGrant Singer

Quite interestingly, Grant Singer navigated himself from creating punk rock-themed short films to directing some of the music industry's most illustrious and eye-catching videos, causing a much-needed wave of freshness in this field. His transition to music videos seemed nearly seamless, as his knack for storytelling cinematically translated into an ability to elevate songs through visual portrayals. Dabbling in the dark and emotionally riveting side of music videos, Singer's works with The Weeknd on “Starboy,” “The Hills” and “Can't Feel My Face” are enough to redefine cinematic music video definition.

Regardless of the broody undertones, it's hard to ignore the vibrant sense of humor that weaves itself into his videos, keeping viewers amused amidst the heavy symbolism that often shadows his work. For instance, one can't help but chuckle watching Lorde lazily wash her laundry in a public laundromat in "Green Light," trying to keep her amused spirit despite the heartbreak the song suggests. His work with Taylor Swift's “The Man” turned the singer-songwriter into, well, literally, a man – video sheds light on gender bias in the entertainment industry and Singer cleverly uses humor to let the message come through. His reputation as a music video extraordinaire by brands such as VMA, Grammy, and big-name stars on the scene, has cemented his stand as a dominant force in the music industry capable of pioneering a new era of visual storytelling in music.

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