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Gaya AbdalianGaya Abdalian

Gaya Abdalian, a director with a keen eye for the unconventional and the evocative, has made a name for himself in the world of music videos through his innovative and daring visual storytelling. His work, characterized by a blend of surrealism and narrative depth, pushes the boundaries of traditional music video formats. Abdalian's directorial prowess was showcased in the music video for Yukon Blonde's "Saturday Night," which he co-directed with Mac Boucher. The video stands as a testament to his ability to craft visually arresting and conceptually rich pieces, drawing inspiration from the French New Wave to create a modern, cinematic experience that engages and surprises the viewer.

Abdalian's approach to music video direction involves a meticulous crafting of visual landscapes that both complement and elevate the music. In "Saturday Night," he employed a unique technique of seamless one-shot takes to weave together a narrative that is as whimsical as it is visually stunning. Featuring a drag queen star and a cast of eclectic characters, including clowns and Russian henchmen, Abdalian created a cheeky and surrealist journey through a warehouse setting. This work not only showcases his skill in creating cohesive visual narratives but also his ability to challenge and redefine the conventions of music video storytelling. Through his creative vision, Gaya Abdalian continues to be a significant and influential figure in the music video industry, leaving an indelible mark with each project he undertakes.

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