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Gary LevesqueGary Levesque

Gary Levesque can be best described as a visionary music video director who has brought a unique aesthetic to the world of music cinematography. For those unfamiliar with his name, his work would be instantly recognizable. He has helmed many iconic videos, taking risks and breaking norms with a visual narrative that is both compelling and thought provoking. This ambitious approach has seen him collaborate with some of the most prominent acts in the music industry, from indie bands to chart-topping pop artists.

A memorable example of his work is the video for a well-loved pop singer's ground-breaking song. The video, a rich tableau intersecting fashion, dance, and architecture, features the singer clad in extravagant costumes performing choreography against the backdrop of stunning architectural marvels. While the video gained widespread critical acclaim, an intriguing tidbit related to it was Levesque's way of guiding the singer through a complicated dance sequence. Rather than use traditional methods, Levesque decided to use a string of spaghetti, yes you read it correctly, a technique that not only made the process easier but also added a certain levity to the otherwise intense shoot.

Throughout his career, Levesque has left an indelible mark on the industry, championing a bold vision and an unorthodox narrative style. His irreverent approach to visual storytelling, along with his ability to seamlessly blend diverse elements, continues to inspire and influence budding artists and directors in the industry.

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