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Gamaliel de Santiago RuvalcabaGamaliel de Santiago Ruvalcaba

Gamaliel de Santiago Ruvalcaba is one of those rare individuals who seem born for videography. His skills aren't confined within the sphere of routine cinematography; in fact, Ruvalcaba's instinctive sense of composition and movement places him among the game-changers in music video direction. He has an uncanny knack to unfold narratives in ways that are both compelling and gripping, breathing life into music.

One of his standout works is the music video for Marcela Viejo's "Quédate". Ruvalcaba hammers the theme of the song into visual symbology that's as potent as the music itself. The video is an intriguing stew of raw emotion and slick sci-fi. This cross-genre trait is a unique signature of Ruvalcaba, queuing an exciting tension between popular culture and avant-garde artistry. As for an interesting tidbit? Despite working with a generation obsessed with color and flash, Ruvalcaba loves to sneak in a black and white scene, or two, into most of his projects. A unique nod to the roots of cinematic art, you could say.

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