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Filip NilssonFilip Nilsson

Filip Nilsson, a visionary director from Sweden, has been a quiet cornerstone in the realm of music video production. This great story teller has a knack for turning the mundane into the extraordinary; his incredible eye for detail has led him to create a collection of iconic and immensely stylish music videos. His work with Swedish band, Swedish House Mafia's "Greyhound", depicts a futuristic dog race rendering it as exciting as it was novel. Meanwhile, the startlingly raw sentiments expressed in Royksopp's melancholic, "What Else Is There" music video were captured with an intimacy that only Nilsson could master.

Remember that justice video, "New Land", which for a moment makes you believe in the existence of a new planet? Or the Avicii video, "Pure Grinding", that expertly straddles the line between the real and the surreal? You guessed it, those were the products of Nilsson's genius. Reflecting his quirky coolness, Nilsson even managed to get the notorious Will Ferrell to make an appearance in a music video for Swedish hip hop band, Brodinski's "Can't Help Myself". It's not just about creating visually stunning work for Nilsson, it's about creating distinct worlds that captivate and challenge viewers; pushing the boundaries of the music video as a medium and continually setting the standard high.

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