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Eric Timothy CarlsonEric Timothy Carlson

Crowned as one of the avant-garde prodigies in the realm of visual art and music videos, Eric Timothy Carlson has carved a niche for himself with his deeply layered and intrinsically designed videos. Carlson’s oeuvre includes the visually mesmerizing album art for Bon Iver’s “22, A Million” and “i,i”, earning him a Grammy nomination in the process. With his distinct visual language, he translates the essence of music into visually striking pieces of art.

Carlson’s direction of “PDLIF” by Bon Iver remains another masterpiece in his repertoire. An innovative shoot-from-home-type video that didn’t just capture the essence of the lockdown emotion but showcased how art can thrive in isolation. Interesting thing to note here is, Carlson created this masterpiece with everyone’s contribution filmed in isolation. No quick jersey swap or apparent magic tricks up his sleeve, just him adhering to his love for minimalism and mastering the “art of isolation”.

Throughout his career, Carlson has managed to create a mystical world teetering along the lines of reality and imagination. His work is a tapestry of multiple layers, colors, and mediums that offer viewers a chance to dive into an ocean of graphic exploration. To top it all, Carlson gives "enigmatic" a whole new meaning by choosing not to maintain any social media presence. Perhaps, the mystery generates the mojo in his work!

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