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Eoin GlaisterEoin Glaister

Eoin Glaister, an esteemed British director, paints an arresting picture with each of his videos, leaving an indelible mark on the spectator's personality. However, it's not just about great visuals. Eoin has consistently demonstrated his ability to showcase the emotional depth of a song through storytelling, which has become a quickly vanishing art in this industry. He is particularly known for kinetically-charged music videos that are both thought-provoking and captivating, including the trilogy for indie-rock band The Academic's tracks "Bear Claws", "Why Can't We Be Friends?" and "Fake ID". Each video is a well-pieced narrative, filled with tension, emotion, and undeniable human connection that hooks viewers until the very end.

It's fascinating to note that despite Glaister's penchant for on-screen drama, he leans towards a lighter touch as far as creating music videos is concerned. For example, his work on the Silk City (Diplo and Mark Ronson) video, "Feel About You" saw him transform a grim tale of landfill waste into a toe-tapping, entertaining watch. Amidst the horrid garbage mound, he introduces protagonists, who despite their challenges, manage to dance their troubles away. His knack for turning mundane into magical is not just ground-breaking but also in many ways redefining perceptions within the industry. It wouldn't be an overreach to say that Eoin Glaister is, indeed, a musical maestro of our times.

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