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Ellis BahlEllis Bahl

Ellis Bahl is recognized as a maverick in the realm of music video direction, known for his unusual narrative angles and his knack for tapping into the emotional subtext of the songs he visually interprets. It's easy to spot a Bahl video with his signature storytelling style that often includes human emotions, surreal imagery and sometimes, a twist in the end. His debut video for UK rockers Alt-J’s “Breezeblocks” is a perfect example of his style. It's a stirring narrative that unfolds in reverse, leaving us with lingering questions regarding its beginning as we reach its conclusion. This video even bagged the 2013 UK MVA for Best Alternative Video and only solidified his reputation as a visual storyteller who isn't afraid to shake things up with his cinematic style.

Interestingly, despite his success, Bahl wasn’t always set for a career in music videos. This rockstar film wizard got his start in the realm of microbiology! A memorable video by Bahl is the one he directed for the band MS MR's haunting single "Hurricane." Twisting everyday scenarios in surreal directions gave the video a simple yet delightful depth that complemented the melancholic vibe of the song. Furthermore, Bahl worked with Banks on her video for "Brain", which uses minimalist style and stark imagery to illustrate the emotional crescendo and personal growth in the track. The result is a unique video that boldly borrows from various genres, thus showcasing Bahl’s continually evolving style. Bahl's contribution to the music industry is definitely one that pushes the boundaries of creativity and continues to leave audiences in awe.

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