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Dugan O’ NealDugan O’ Neal

Dugan O'Neal, the lauded director and mastermind behind many of contemporary music's most visually arresting videos, is considered by many in the industry as a silent force. A Santa Cruz native, O'Neal quickly made a name for himself in the mid-2000s with his unique blend of creativity and an adventurous spirit which reflects in his work. His directorial acumen is evident in the critically acclaimed music video for TV On The Radio's "Will Do". In this video, O'Neal managed to blend unexpected visual elements to create a unique viewing experience, making the track's emotionally charged lyrics palpable. Renowned for his ability to seamlessly meld music with vivid images, Dugan O'Neal is a creator par excellence.

But what places O'Neal in a league of his own is his ability to weave stories with a dash of surrealism in even the most commonplace scenarios. Did you know that O'Neal is the genius behind Chromeo's "Jealous (I Ain't With It)?" This video, arguably one of the most popular ones from 2014, had the unique premise of showcasing a priest's jealousy towards a parishioner's apparent love-story, twist you don't see coming! Breaking the stereotypes, O'Neal took music video storytelling to a new level. His work with Broken Bells, where he directed 'October', also stands out. It has a hauntingly beautiful cinematic effect with memorable characters and unexpected endings. Acknowledged for his propensity to think outside the box, O'Neal's contributions to the realm of music videos have undoubtedly left a lasting imprint.

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