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Dexter NavyDexter Navy

Dexter Navy, the London-born director, catapulted to stardom with his debut music video "L$D" for A$AP Rocky in 2015. With its psychedelic visuals and innovative storytelling, it arrested the music scene instantly, smashing the mould of what a rap video could be. His signature blend of hypnotic imagery, vibrant colors and a dreamlike sense of reality not only earnt him an MTV VMA nomination but also made him a sought-after director among artists striving to push the boundaries of their visual artistry.

Navy continued to capture the zeitgeist in his eclectic array of directorial works. His videos have a knack for making mundane situations morph into fantastical escapes, such as the sensuous "Nikes" video for Frank Ocean that transforms a casual house party into a surreal extravagance. An interesting quirk of Navy's is his insistence on using a handheld camera for most of his shoots, claiming it allows him to "feel the space." This mantra certainly paid off when he accidentally dropped the camera during the final shot of The 1975's "Love Me," resulting in an abrupt and unexpected ending that was later declared the perfect conclusion to the video.

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