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Devonte HynesDevonte Hynes

Devonté Hynes, often known worldwide as his moniker "Blood Orange," has made a significant imprint in the music and video direction industry. A sort of Renaissance man, Hynes commands a multi-faceted skill set, from writing, producing, and performing music, to directing and starring in his own music videos. His work is a rich tapestry of diverse musical styles, whimsical visual storytelling and engrossing narratives. Hynes's knack for transforming lyrical elements into visual escapades is imprinted in his videos such as "Champagne Coast," where he takes the viewer on a trippy, 3D-rendered journey, and "You're not Good Enough," a one-take, retro dance video that managed to walk a fine line between spontaneity and choreography.

Even though Hynes’ work is steeped in deep and at times sombre themes, he manages to inject a sort of playful unexpectedness that can even be seen in the way he dresses. Ever seen a musician pull off looking like a walking palette of colors and still be taken seriously? That's Devonte Hynes. His 2018 short film "Negro Swan," for example, defies the norm, touching on mental health and ethnicity while remaining intriguing and visually appealing. Hynes’ unique voice and commitment to storytelling have not only made him a fixture in the industry but have brought crucial perspectives to mainstream media. His work has undoubtedly paved the way for up-and-coming directors who seek to break boundaries and tell stories in diverse and imaginative ways.

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