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David Paul SeymourDavid Paul Seymour

Forging his path in a niche but vibrant space, David Paul Seymour has elevated the visual language of the heavy metal and doom genres to extraordinary heights. A prolific artist and director, Seymour's work displays a distinct vision, echoing the raw, paradoxically earthy and otherworldly elements of the music scores it serves. Marrying stark, often outrageous imagery and high-end production values, he manages to create a densely textured and visually arresting tapestry, which breathes a unique life into the tracks.

Undeniably, Seymour's most standout work is his directorial stint for the visually potent "The Planet of Doom". Drawing on his formidable talent as an illustrator, Seymour helmed this forceful, riotously colorful opus, scorching every frame with an undeniable passion. Did you know he was not just the director, but a co-writer of this kaleidoscopic trip? The video for "The Planet of Doom," inspired by explosive riffs and electrifying chord progressions, is a psychedelic journey through multiple dimensions, underpinning every note with his apocalyptic visuals. Seymour's latest auto-draw artwork continues to grow in popularity, with thousands heavily following his work despite them resembling a product from a mad vintage car mechanic on a heavy metal diet - keep an eye out for flying skulls on flaming motorcycles in his works!

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