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David MacNuttDavid MacNutt

David MacNutt is an imaginative tour-de-force in the music video industry, leaving an indelible imprint with his unique visual storytelling. Starting his career in the MTV-happy 80s, MacNutt quickly distinguished himself with an innovative filmmaking style that married music and imagery in captivating and unexpected ways. His video for Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House" showcased whirlwind film techniques that perfectly captured the chaotic energy of the song, while his Def Leppard videos, especially “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Hysteria”, were quintessential rock and roll fantasies, complete with the requisite leather jackets, sweat-soaked performances, and stage pyrotechnics.

What sets MacNutt apart from his contemporaries is his knack for capturing the essence of a song and translating it cinematically, be it a high-energy rock anthem or a sombre ballad. Remember The Cars’ “Drive” video? That’s a MacNutt masterpiece, with its haunting visuals that beautifully echoed the melancholic tones of the song. Interestingly, MacNutt also has a habit of making cameo appearances in some of his videos. Watch closely, and you might just spot him as one of the rowdy spectators in Def Leppard's “Armageddon It”. This tendency not only showcases MacNutt’s playful side but also adds a layer of charm and connectedness to his body of work. Indeed, David MacNutt's portfolio might not be of Hollywood blockbuster size, but its cultural impact and unflagging creativity cannot be underestimated.

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