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David HelmanDavid Helman

David Helman stands as a connoisseur behind the lens, shaping the visual landscapes of contemporary music. Helman's foray into the world of directing music videos began when he was given the job to photograph a small band in Los Angeles. Amid the photo session, he played around with video clips and essentially shot his first music video, practically by accident. Since then, he has continued his ascension, working with phenomenal artists from BØRNS to Vince Staples, cutting across various genres.

Helman's style sits at the intersection of surreal and intimate, his music videos often carrying a narrative style that pulls you into the world of the song. One of his most notable works is Vince Staples' "Señorita," which tells a grim tale of survival in a dystopian world, in a very nuanced yet powerful way. In 2015, he took this artistry to a whole new dimension with "Electric Love" for BØRNS, interpreting its psychedelic pop into a performance meets animated fantasy music video. Interestingly, both were shot in a single take, proving that sometimes the best stories are unfolded without the distraction of too many cuts. That's the magic of David Helman; he makes you feel the music beyond your ears all the way to the back of your eyes. And here's a little nugget for you: Helman originally studied anthropology in college, which he credits for his knack of exploring humans and their emotions.

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