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Daniel SchmidtDaniel Schmidt

Daniel Schmidt stepped onto the music scene and promptly made a name for himself with his experimenting, visionary style that redefined the perimeters of the music video. The New York-based filmmaker and commercial director has a distinctive knack for blending the abstract with the real, pushing the boundaries of what music videos can be. His work, spanning several genres, is testament to his versatility and his ability to effortlessly transform the narrative of a song into a visual treat.

Schmidt's work with globally popular artists like Zhu and Eagles of Death Metal showcases his unique touch. His interpretation of Zhu's "Cocaine Model," took the music industry by storm. With its ethereal, night-time party scenes and overlapping narratives of different characters offering new dimensions, the video positively oozed glam and intrigue, making it impossible to look away. Similarly, for Eagles of Death Metal's "Complexity," Schmidt rejected the commonplace in favor of the unexpected, offering up a twisted comedic tale of a hapless office drone who transforms into a smooth, debonair dancer, capturing the band's whimsical essence.

Every now and then, Schmidt astounds viewers with a blatant disregard for the mundane, replacing it with the delightfully bizarre. A case in point would be the "Peekaboo" video he directed for Brazilian electro-pop group, Bonde do Role. Who would've thought an infectious dance track could be paired with an eerie storyline involving zombified beings, hell-bent on wrecking absolute havoc? It's evident that Schmidt plays by no book but his own, and we can't help but eagerly anticipate his next visual marvel.

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