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Damian KulashDamian Kulash

Damian Kulash is a man of many talents, known most predominantly for his status as the frontman of the indie band Ok Go. However, his notable contributions go beyond his vocal prowess. His ingenuity has also made him a formidable force in the realm of music videos, where he seamlessly combined musical beats with visual treats. His imaginative endeavors have set new benchmarks and challenged the conventions of what a music video could look like.

Ok Go's 'Here It Goes Again' under Kulash's direction was a viral sensation, showcasing an intricately choreographed dance on treadmills. Twisting the ordinary into the extraordinary in a rather earthen setting, he managed to pull off a unique spectacle without the need for high budget spectaculars. Then there’s 'This Too Shall Pass', in which he set off a Rube Goldberg machine matching the rhythm of the song, sparking an unforgettable visual representation of cause and effect. Not to forget the gravity-defying 'Upside Down & Inside Out' shot in zero-gravity. One amusing fact here is that Kulash and his band got to experience what it's like to be astronauts in training, as they prepared and filmed this video on a reduced gravity aircraft. Talk about taking your work to new heights!

Kulash's work revolutionized the genre of music videos, demonstrating that innovation isn’t reliant on extravagant budgets and effects, but rooted in the power of creativity. He has helped music videos tread the line between audio-visual sensation and art, inspiring a legion of artists to push the boundaries and rethink their approach to music videos.

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