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Christy KaracasChristy Karacas

Christy Karacas, best known for creating the animated series "Superjail!", combines the freedom of animation with a punk rock ethos to generate mind-bending visual experiences. Karacas channels his musical background as a former member of the underground band Cheeseburger to simulate a symphony of guitar riffs and drum beats through his videos. Despite having an Animation and Cartooning degree from Rhode Island School of Design, he breaks all academic rules, which makes his work unique in the industry. One of his most catchy videos, "Comin' Home", for his own band, enlivens a car chase sequence across psychedelic landscapes, blending rock n' roll imagery with an offbeat sense of danger.

In the animation world, where the norm is to create appealing, audience-friendly visuals, Karacas bootstraps in discordant elements to compose his videos, just like he did for "The Third Eye" by The Watchers. Complex geometric patterns, vibrant colours, 3D visual effects, and object morphing are all testament to Karacas' creative courage and command over visuals. Interestingly, Karacas reportedly only drinks apple juice while working - an unusual habit which he claims keeps his thoughts sharp and his creativity boundless.

Karacas' work often leaves viewers both thrilled and confused, reminding them of the exhilaration of being caught in a mosh pit where everyone moves to the disarrayed rhythm of punk rock madness. His video for MSTRKRFT’s “Easy Love” is no exception, featuring edgy graphic landscapes that metamorphose teeming with life forms, each more insane than the last. Through his experimental approach and relentless pursuit of originality, Karacas has paved his own way in the world of music videos, cementing his legacy as a genre-defying visionary.

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