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Casper KellyCasper Kelly

Casper Kelly is a talent not to be overlooked in the world of music videos. With a career that has spanned decades, the Atlanta-based director has been behind some of the most profound and innovative music videos of recent times, receiving critical acclaim and adoration from music fans alike. He's a versatile artist who doesn't restrict himself to one genre, as evidenced by his work with a range of artists, from rock bands to rap icons.

Kelly's entry into the cultural zeitgeist came in 2014 when he dropped a little midnight special for Adult Swim titled "Too Many Cooks." It was a bizarre, endlessly looping parody of vintage sit-com openings, quickly gaining cult status and showing his knack for subverting expectations. Then came the cult horror-comedy “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell,” an absurdly entertaining manifestation of his creative prowess. Yet it's not just the oddity of the concepts; it's the brilliant execution that makes Kelly's work stand out. Fun fact: for the "Too Many Cooks" video, it took over 9 months to gather everyone for the final shot, essentially becoming a who’s who of Atlanta’s acting scene. Now that's dedication to a vision!

From his unsettling spoofs to his more surreal projects, Kelly’s unique blend of the strange and the sublime continues to deliver some of the most memorable music video moments. His keen eye for detail and willingness to push boundaries have established him as a daring and influential player in the industry. If Casper Kelly’s past work is any sign of what’s to come, we should all keep our eyes (and ears) peeled for his next big move.

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