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Cameron LewCameron Lew

Labeled as an eccentric yet visionary director, Cameron Lew has made an indelible mark in the music industry with his unconventional takes on music videos. A unique blend of an askew sense of storytelling with innovative videography, Lew's style has become a noticeable signature in today's music video production stages. His music videos are compact narratives of emotion, often superbly displaying underlying layers in the artist's music functionality. An uptick of his standing testimonials includes reputable and rising stars like First in Flight, WALKER, and Neil Frances.

What specifically stands out about Lew's directing prowess, is his ability to narrate a complete, emotionally fulfilling story in less than five minutes. For instance, in First in Flight's "Never Alone," Lew brilliantly uses the band’s energetic performance interspersed with a series of fading memories. The result is a potent narrative of love lost, vividly portraying the pain and resilience of the human heart. Another moment of brilliance is the music video for Neil Frances's "Ask Me Anything," where he exemplifies the tangling rollercoaster of emotions that comes with unreciprocated love. Here's a jaw-dropping reality: Lew technically built a rotating room for this music video, cementing the depths he's willing to plunge in his craft. Now, isn't that something? Love or not, who thought a revolving room could spin an emotional yarn? That's Cameron Lew for you, expressive, imaginative, and reliably surprising.

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