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Calamatic, real name Calmatic Johnson, is a groundbreaking figure in the world of music video direction. Hailing from Los Angeles, he exploded on to the scene with his deft blending of vibrant imagery, sharp storytelling, and eye-catching creativity. Interestingly, Calmatic wasn't always behind the camera; he was initially a dancer, performing with the likes of Missy Elliott and Pharrell before catching the directing bug. This dance background probably played a part in his unique and exciting approach to visual rhythm and movement, adding a vigorous pulse to his work.

Calamatic has directed a notable number of outstanding music videos. He is best known for his work with hip-hop royalty, such as Kendrick Lamar's 'King Kunta,' which is a love letter to his native Compton, painted in warm color tones and street-level storytelling. Perhaps his most flashy and impressive work to date was Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road,' which became a viral sensation. The wild-west-meets-modern-day scenario, complete with a time-traveling storyline, seems too fantastical to resist. Adding to this mix, his direction with Anderson Paak's 'Bubblin' is a rags-to-riches story made real with a winning lottery ticket, an ATM that won't stop spitting out money, and Paak's light-hearted swagger. The result? His first-ever MTV VMA for Best R&B in 2019. Quite a story for a boy from LA who started his journey copying dance moves in his living room.

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