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Bison, often known as Dave Bullivant, is a treasure in the music video industry. His videos have a style that's slightly off-kilter, yet filled with mesmerizing visual rhythms. Bison's versatility shines through in his ability to craft heavily layered, visually rich narratives. He bridges the music and visual artistry in a way that immerses viewers into the world of the song and the artist. This genius music video director has embellished the tunes of popular artists such as London Grammar, Birdy, and Bastille with his visionary storytelling.

A little-known insight to engage the minds of all music buffs out there: Bison has quite a penchant for birds... as in, rubber ducks! There's an interesting recurrence of these yellow creatures in his works. From making a cameo appearance in London Grammar's "Wasting My Young Years," where the video contained more than 600 rubber ducks, to subtly surfacing in Bastille's decadent Roman Empire-themed video for "Pompeii," these little critters kept popping up. Not the traditional hallmark of a revolutionary director, but certainly, a quirky one.

His unique touch to Bastille's "Pompeii" cinematically parallels the lyrics, resulting in a video that resonates deeply with viewers. For Birdy's "Wings," he amalgamated a mesmerizing ensemble of vintage glamour, ghostly apparitions and ever-changing lights that encapsulates the spectral, longing heart of the song. In fact, it's in his pairing of auditory and visual narratives that Bison etches his mark in the industry. The magic he weaves with his fingers on the camera buttons, coupled with his quirky penchant for rubber ducks, makes Bison a name worth noting in the annals of music video history.

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