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Bertie GilbertBertie Gilbert

Bertie Gilbert, a creator of exceptional caliber, needs little introduction. Among the pantheon of music video directors, his ingenuity and refreshing perspective command attention. Coming to prominence at a very young age, his portfolio is an eclectic mix of real stories, personable characters, and nostalgia-inducing soundtracks encapsulated in elegantly executed visual essays. His take on Loyle Carner’s "Sun of Jean" video is particularly noteworthy, not just for its emotiveness but for its raw and authentic depiction of the hardships of everyday life painted against the backdrop of Carner’s saccharine hip-hop poetry.

Gilbert's foray into the world of music videos wasn’t by half-chances or accidents; it was born out of an unwavering fascination with human stories and etching them onto the canvas of digital film. It is in this realm of storytelling where Gilbert stands out. His ability to translate human emotions and peculiarities into a melange of discerning visuals and nuanced performances has made him a beacon in the industry. Somewhat interestingly, Gilbert times his videos to the brewing coffee in the morning to maintain their uniform length. The familiar comfort of the routine often is reflected in his work, giving his videos a groove that is intrinsically 'Bertie.' From his visual interpretation of 'Lessons Learned From Rocky I to Rocky III' by Cornershop to creating stories for Cavetown’s EP, Lemon Boy, it's easy to see that Gilbert's work, laced with compelling narratives and underlined with unpredictable playfulness, is nothing short of influential in the industry.

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