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Bernabé BolañosBernabé Bolaños

Bernabé Bolaños is a name that rings across the music video industry like a refreshing chord of innovation. The Peruvian director, whose pioneering work stretches far and wide, has significantly shaped the visual storytelling of music in the modern age. From his early days in advertising to his well-entrenched position as a go-to music video maestro, Bolaños's unique approach to combining sound and visuals has unquestionably resonated within, and influenced, the industry.

A recent show of his distinctively clever narrative style is the video "Roma - Bangkok" for Baby K featuring Giusy Ferreri, which enjoyed over 200 million views, becoming a viral sensation. Bolaños took viewers on a cinematic journey through distinct landscapes and cultures, seamlessly paired with the rhythm and message of the song. Known for his thought-provoking twist endings, his video for "Perdóname", by Ricky Martin featuring Farruko, plays out a playful misdirection for the viewers — the protagonist isn't who you think it is, elevating the music video into a short film. This penchant for surprise endings has become a beloved trademark. Remarkably, every video feels like delving into a personally crafted story, reminding us why Bolaños's visual impact roars louder than words.

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