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Ben JoynerBen Joyner

Ben Joyner is a craftsman of mood and meaning in the music video industry. With his keen directing eye, Joyner breathed fresh life into the visuals of songs by artists like Kevin Morby, Amen Dunes and Faye Webster, among others. His work, not simply an accompaniment to music, has stood as a separate entity, weaving tales and creating indelible images, resulting in a unique viewing experience. From Morby's melancholic "Come to Me Now" video, where a janitor's long night shift is painted with a veneer of blues and grays, to the amusing and quirky video for Webster's "Kingston," starring a backyard flamingo that bore an uncanny resemblance to the singer herself, Joyner's imagination consistently exhibited itself in surprising ways.

Known for his penchant for injecting visual stories with a human touch and his masterful handling of colour, Joyner's work often appears as moving paintings, commanding viewers' attention and pulling them into the narrative. There is authenticity and thoughtfulness in his craft, his meticulous attention to detail is what differentiates him in the industry. Did you know that for Dunes's "Miki Dora," Joyner opted for a 35mm film to capture the old world charm of the narrative? Steering clear of digital filmmaking's instant gratification, he chose to dwell in the slow reveal of physical film, taking his passion for authenticity to the next level. His dedication to his craft serves as an inspiration for emerging music video directors.

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