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Aube PerrieAube Perrie

Defining the new wave of French directors, Aube Perrie has leapt significantly in the professional ladder with his distinctive thought patterns and his charming way of narrating stories through music videos. Perrie's remarkable ability to present a unique concoction of visual experiences nudged with emotional underpinnings has tagged him as a 'director to watch out for'. Having directed music videos for several French pop and electronic artists like Kazy Lambist and Isaac Delusion, Perrie's discernible talent lies in spinning visually evocative stories that resonate with the audience. Emotion, drama and aesthetic appeal thrive in his toolbox, leading to an output that is visually relevant, emotionally compelling and essentially memorable.

For instance, in the music video for Isaac Delusion's 'Isabella', Perrie portrays a story of detachment, heartbreak and longing within the confines of a motel room’s wall. What adds an unconventional twist to this video is how the person experiencing the emotions, instead of being at the centre of the plot, refracts these feelings onto the inanimate objects in his motel room. This blend of human emotions with lifeless objects creates a strikingly emotional diversity that validates Perrie's offbeat directorial aptitude. He is not only a director who commands the tone of his videos but also an individual who understands the art of utilizing colors, objects and emotions to set the rhythm, reinvigorating invisible moments into worth watching cinema. No wonder why in an industry packed with usual loud flair, Perrie's quiet, subtle, yet profoundly soul-stirring storytelling stands out.

In addition, Aube Perrie's keen detail for the minutest things is evident in the music video for Kazy Lambist's ‘Oh My God’. Here, Perrie repurposes a mundane washing machine into an emotionally charged device that mirrors the turbulence in the protagonist's life. In the most unexpected plot turn, the washing machine soon took the internet by storm, eventually earning the adoration of fans who ended up nicknaming it 'the most emotive machine ever'.

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