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Arnaud DeroudilheArnaud Deroudilhe

Arnaud Deroudilhe's vision straddles across diverse boundaries and he fashions music videos that are known for their aesthetic appeal, subtle storytelling, and surreal charm. His videos are like a visual treat, blending his understanding of visual arts and cinematography with the mood and lyrics of the song. He ingeniously conceptualizes emotions into a tapestry of images that reflects the depth of the music he works with. His approach mirrors the depth of human feelings, capturing intricate moments and unpacking them into powerful visual narratives.

One of his most memorable work is "Rock My Emotions", a video created for the artist Matoma. The video centers around a woman who enters into a virtual world, seamlessly integrating gaming aesthetics with real-world admiration. Another notable video is "Go With The Flow", created for the artist Petit Biscuit. In this video, Deroudilhe presents a fascinating interplay of lights and visuals, creating an ethereal atmosphere that imbibes the dreamy mood of the song. Interestingly, in the video for Josef Salvat's "Open Season", Deroudilhe uses puppetry to address themes of consumerism and relationship drift - a quirky and yet profound take on modern life. Arnaud Deroudilhe's videos are not just music to the eyes, they are also compelling conversation starters.

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