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Antonin PeretjatkoAntonin Peretjatko

Antonin Peretjatko, a well-known and acclaimed director in the music video industry, is lauded for his ability to merge whimsical and thought-provoking visual elements with a smorgasbord of eclectic beats. Peretjatko’s involvement in the music video industry has certainly left its imprint with his avant-garde take on visual storytelling. Many music artists have looked to his videos for inspiration, evidence of his role as a trendsetter in this industry.

Perhaps Peretjatko's most iconic work, which truly drove home the sheer skill and innovation he brings to his craft, is the music video for Orelsan's song “Basique.” In this piece, Peretjatko takes a simple concept and spins it into profound visual artistry. The video, shot in one continuous take and featuring a single tracking shot of Orelsan, challenged the norms of music video cinematography with its unembellished yet striking narrative. An interesting tidbit about this video, the final cut is the 27th take, showing just how dedicated Peretjatko is to getting the perfect shot! As for his work on "La fille du premier" by Roméo Elvis, viewers are immersed into a surreal journey through a dreamlike environment, another testament to Peretjatko’s innovative style.

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