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Anthony F. SchepperdAnthony F. Schepperd

Anthony F. Schepperd is a man of considerable talent in the world of animation and music video direction. Known for his fluid, surreal style, Schepperd has brought to life some of the most visually stunning music videos over the past decade. His distinctive style blends perfectly with the sophisticated sounds of the artists he works with, resulting in a unique form of visual storytelling that enhances the music and captivates the audience.

Schepperd has been a major contributor to the industry and is most renowned for his work with artists like Blockhead, MillionYoung and Bonobo. One of the best examples of his masterful direction can be seen in his video for Blockhead’s “The Music Scene.” Here, Schepperd showcases his multidimensional take on animation, creating a mind-bending journey through space and time, with psychedelic aesthetics and intricate representations of soundwaves. The video’s brilliance won it an award at Annecy, one of the world's leading animation film festivals. Interestingly, Schepperd apparently sees every project as an opportunity for learning. During the making of Two Against One, a music video by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi featuring Jack White, Schepperd is known to have begun animating without any preliminary sketches. A daring move by any standard which obviously worked out astoundingly well.

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