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Andy HinesAndy Hines

Andy Hines, a maestro known for directing visually compelling music videos, sure knows how to keep the eyes hooked to the screen. He has a knack for encapsulating emotions, rhythms, and sentiments with such creativity that invites viewers into the artists' world, making the listening experience almost tangible. His portfolio includes leading artists like Lizzo, Alicia Keys, Childish Gambino, and many more, boasting a comme il faut weave of exceptional storytelling and visualization.

Hines' work in "Black SpiderMan" by Logic not only won him an MTV Video Music Awards nomination but also strongly announced him as a director who is adept at capturing an artist's essence while daring to push boundaries. In a rather unforgettable outing with Logic, he had over 200 people dance along in the middle of a freeway - Talk about commitment! Similarly, his direction in Lizzo's "Good as Hell", portrays an empowering narrative that instantly connects with the audience. Not just this, Hines practices of seizing everyday human moments give his videos an extra ounce of relatability, enchanting viewers beyond the duration of the songs.

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