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Andrew DonohoAndrew Donoho

Andrew Donoho, the Atlanta-born filmmaker, is a powerful force in the world of music videos. Known for his visually arresting and narrative-driven work, Donoho has garnered the attention of mainstream artists such as Janelle Monáe, Jack White, Khalid, and Twenty One Pilots. His video for Monáe's 'PYNK' drew widespread acclaim for its lavishly eclectic aesthetic and daring, feminist-inspired imagery. The video, much like Donoho's entire body of work, is a testament to his ability to blend vivid imaginations with gripping storylines.

Interestingly, Donoho made his foray into the music world as a roadie for his brother's punk rock band. This "behind the scenes" exposure inspired him to pursue a career in creating visually compelling music videos that push boundaries. His work, which includes Twenty One Pilots' ‘Heathens’ and‘Jumpsuit’, are characterized by their cinematic quality and his keen attention to detail. ‘Heathens’ particularly stands out as it earned him an MTV Video Music Award nomination, and more importantly, etched his name as one of the most inventive directors of modern music videos. As a trivia, ‘Heathens’ was filmed in a real prison and the guards actually forgot about Donoho and his crew after the shooting. They had to call the authorities to let them out - talk about immersion in your work!

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