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Andrea NakhlaAndrea Nakhla

Andrea Nakhla, dubbed “The Painter of Pop,” is an industry frontrunning digital animator worth every iota of his remarkable acclaim. This LA-based animation director has graced the industry with an entirely fresh perspective, blending high-level artistry with music to create a never-seen-before form of expression.

Nakhla’s work with artists like Wise Blood in 'Rat' and HOMESHAKE in 'Every Single Thing', delivered phenomenal results that bamboozled audience expectations. The latter, for instance, skews the idyllical; a mesmerising mix of trippy animations, vivid palettes, and hazy lo-fi aesthetics, proving a visual representation of HOMESHAKE's sound that's almost unnervingly apt. Nakhla also challenged convention with his video for Jerry Paper's 'Chameleon World’, turning the concept of music video upside down, with a high-energy weird wonderland visuals that keep audiences rooted to their screens. What's more fascinating is that Nakhla hadn’t ever had animation training before he entered the music video scene, it was merely a hobby. But as it often goes, talent takes center stage and Nakhla's impact can be felt not just in the music industry, but throughout the worldwide realm of digital animation.

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