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André ChocronAndré Chocron

André Chocron is a Norwegian film director notable for his penchant for crafting engaging narratives within the bounds of a song. With a background in filmmaking from the London Film School, André, despite being a relatively young director, has managed to leave an indelible mark on the music video industry. His ability to blend his narrative vision with the musical rhythm in a way that creates a seamless audio-visual experience marks his unique style.

Andre's work has garnered attention both for its narrative style and technical prowess. His video for Cold Mailman's "Time is of the essence" is a perfect example of his unique approach, showcasing a cityscape under a time-lapse that rhythmically pulsates to the beat of the song - a method that required complex calculations and nine freezing nights of shooting. He also directed an intriguing video for the band's track "My Recurring Dream" where he creatively played with light and darkness, capturing the beauty of night-time landscapes by utilising the flickering of city lights or a torch in an empty room. This concept takes the audience on a journey from the urban city sprawl into the untouched, beautiful Norwegian wilderness - a testament to his penchant for juxtaposing stark polarities.

André's other noteworthy work includes the music video "Bye Bye Macadam" for the French electronic artist Rone. The video features a transformable dancing sphere, created with three hundred LED lights, that swirls, pulsates, and changes in-sync to the music's rhythm. Interestingly, André has never danced a step in his life! Yet, he has this uncanny knack of making the inanimate objects sway rhythmically and lyrically - a mystery that's both captivating and intriguing. Indeed, André Chocron's work transcends the visuals and becomes an identical counterpart of the music, a feat that only a handful of directors can truly accomplish.

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