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Alexander SebleyAlexander Sebley

Alexander Sebley, a never-to-be-overlooked figure in the music video industry, sets himself apart with his originality and characteristic style. He stepped onto the scene with his groundbreaking work on "King" by Years & Years, a video that racked up millions of views and set a new bar for visual storytelling in pop music. Sebley brought the narrative to life with his unique choreography-enhancing direction, resulting in a multi-sensory treat that exemplified his knack for coupling sound and movement seamlessly.

With a string of successful videos under his belt, Sebley's deft touches behind the lens became synonymous with captivating storytelling and profound creativity. Notably, his work on Marina's "Handmade Heaven" was celebrated for its evocative images and intense colours, capturing the singer's ethereal vocals in a fitting visual spectacle. Sebley's videos possess a rare ability to echo the emotion of the song without overpowering it, a balancing act only a few can successfully perform. Little known fact, Sebley claims to harness inspiration from seemingly ordinary things like daydreams or the pattern of raindrops on a window, a testament to his innate creativity. His imaginative utilization of everyday elements in his work effectively humanizes his subjects, making each video a relatable piece of art.

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