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Alex HaygarthAlex Haygarth

Alex Haygarth, affectionately known as "the magician behind the lens," has strong roots in the music video industry, with his singular vision greatly influencing the visual landscape. After starting his career as a runner on music video sets, he rapidly ascended the ranks due to his distinctive storytelling approach and an uncanny ability to amalgamate music and visuals seamlessly. His breakthrough came when he directed the music video for Megan McKenna's "This", which masterfully captured the raw emotion of the song and gave viewers a deeper appreciation for McKenna's talent.

Haygarth's influence spreads far beyond just one artist or genre. He gained immense recognition for his work on the deeply poignant music video "Sunset Lover" for Petit Biscuit, beautifully conveying the nostalgic longing of the song through evocative cinematography. Additionally, he directed the vibrant, energetic video for KAWALA's "Runaway", which perfectly encapsulated the band's youthful and free-spirited essence. An interesting fact about Haygarth is his unfaltering ability to maximise minimal resources. For instance, during the shooting of "Runaway," Haygarth found himself navigating severe budget constraints. Yet, displaying his creative genius, he used peculiar locations like an old farm shed to create a resplendent, energetic video that belies its humble production background. Haygarth's impact on the music video industry not only includes crafting remarkable visual narratives but also igniting an inspiring beacon for aspiring filmmakers looking for innovative ways to overcome challenges.

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